Issue No. 73August 2018

Adobe and Office 365

More Integrations

One of these features is “Adobe Sign”.  For those of you that are not familiar with Adobe Sign, it is somewhat similar to DocuSign.

With the integration of Adobe Sign and Microsoft Office 365, both Microsoft and Adobe are helping individuals and teams work more efficiently by driving collaboration, communication, and client decision-making.  Ultimately, providing efficiency to your company, which is why we are featuring this item.

Some examples of how clients are using Adobe Sign:

  • Adobe Sign and Microsoft Office 365 delivers fast, secure electronic signatures across Office 365, including deep integration with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook, so that signing documents electronically, on any device, can become an everyday experience.
  • Adobe Sign and Microsoft Flow allows users to build end-to-end digital workflows by adding Adobe Sign to any Microsoft Flow process.
  • Adobe Sign and Microsoft Teams accelerate electronic agreement tracking, approvals and signature processes across teams. The Adobe Sign app in Microsoft Teams now includes a tab to send documents for signature and a bot that allows team members to manage and track documents.


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