Issue No. 37August 2015

Dell Storage, What’s New: SCv2000

The SCv2000 Series is an entry level storage array designed to introduce customers to Dell’s scalable enterprise-class storage family.  The SCv2000 Series will provide customers with an affordable cost per terabyte SAN, that includes the performance that is inherent in this family of products. Customers can “kick-the-tires” of the SC Series and a core set of software features, enabling them to move up the SC product stack with a consistent management interface as their storage requirements grow.

The Dell Storage SCv2000 Series is a flexible new storage array within the Storage Center family of products.  As an entry-level SAN it offers the best performance and protection in its class*, including many of the same SC award winning-core software features, including integrated data protection, while maintaining an affordability needed in small to medium businesses.

High performance at an affordable price: The Dell Storage SCv2000 Series is designed to offer the perfect blend of high performance data storage at an affordable price. The SCv2000 Series offers a low cost per terabyte solution and delivers superior performance by leveraging Intel’s Xeon® v2 processor achieving over 85K IOPS in a 2U enclosure.* The SCv2000 also offers an interesting suite of feature-rich options including proven data protection features, RAID tiering to optimize capacity, data-migration services and multi-protocol connectivity.

Future flexibility with Storage Center: The SCv2000 offers future flexibility as an entry-level storage array within the existing Storage Center family of products.  This series joins a market space where growth and flexibility can collide making purchase decisions and product investments a challenge.  The SCv2000 leverages existing investments by allowing for data migration into the more enterprise-level products within this product line, serving todays needs while focusing on a growth strategy.

Integrated data protection: Protecting data is as integral to storage as performance and affordable capacity.   The SCv2000 Series offers integrated features such as Remote Instant Replay, Local Instant Replays and Replay Manager along with RAID tiering that maximizes data protection while optimizing SAN capacity.  With up to 2000 snapshots and 500 replications your data is safeguarded, giving you peace of mind, knowing your data is secure.*

Source: Dell

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Delivering Significant New Value in Office 365

Last Month Microsoft held their annual World Wide Partner Conference (WPC). The WPC is a conference held annually by Microsoft Corporation for its partner community. At WPC, partners learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year and experience the latest product innovations. At the 2015 WCP Microsoft announced that they will be introducing a new premium Office 365 Enterprise Suite called E5, before the end of this calendar year.

E5 will encompass the core value of the modern productivity and collaboration capabilities Office 365 provides today, as well as significant new capabilities including Skype for Business services for real-time communication such as Cloud PBX and PSTN Conferencing, new analytics features like Power BI Pro and Delve Organizational Analytics, and new advanced security features such as eDiscoveryCustomer Lockbox, Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Exchange Online.

The E5 suite will provide a significant new service offerings to reach new customers and enhance value for existing ones.

Source: Microsoft

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