Issue No. 16November 2013

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What Virtualization Can Do For Your Business

The heart of virtualization is the “virtual machine” (VM), a tightly insulated software container with an operating system and applications inside. Because each virtual machine is completely separate and independent, many of them can run simultaneously on a single computer. A thin layer of software called a hypervisor decouples the virtual machines from the host and dynamically allocates computing resources to each virtual machine as needed.

This architecture redefines your computing equation and delivers the following benefits:

  • Many applications on each server. As each virtual machine encapsulates an entire machine, many applications and operating systems can be run on one host at the same time.
  • Maximum server utilization, minimum server count. Every physical machine is used to its full capacity, allowing you to significantly reduce costs by deploying fewer servers overall.
  • Faster, easier application and resource provisioning. As self-contained software files, virtual machines can be manipulated with copy-and-paste ease. This brings unprecedented simplicity, speed and flexibility to IT provisioning and management. virtual machines can even be transferred from one physical server to another while running, via a process known as live migration. You can also virtualize business-critical apps to improve performance, reliability, scalability and reduce costs.

What does Server Virtualization mean to your business?  Cost savings and improved efficiency.

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KTS Company News

Our Very Own Homebrewer: Robert Masterson

We would like to congratulate Robert Masterson, CTO, for winning Stone’s 2013 Homebrew Competition. Robert and co-brewer Ryan Reschan, along with 30 other participants, entered a homebrew for the chance to have their recipe professionally brewed and distributed throughout the USA. Robert’s IPA was chosen with Stone Brewers’ describing it as very creative and amazingly tasty.

Select the link below to read more: 
R&R Coconut IPA 

Robert Masterson