Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 – PcScnSrv.exe Consumes Too Much CPU

Trend Micro’s PcScnSrv.exe process can be seen spiking often to almost 100% of the CPU.  This issue is caused by the Immunization feature of Spybot S&D.  Apprently the two products do not play well together…in fact, during the install of Trend Micro Internet Security 2007, the removal of Spybot S&D is recommended.  If you do have both products installed, Trend Micro’s recommended solution can be found here

The basic steps are this:

1. Open Spybot and go to the Immunize section.
2. Click the undo button to allow all bad products previousely blocked by Spybot.
3. Delete: C:Program FilesTrend MicroInternet Security 2007usrwl.dat
4. Reboot