Jo Barsa, CPA Barsa & Company, CPA’s


“I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the service we have received from you and your team so far. I know we put you in a tough position with such short notice of having to jump in and take over, and we really appreciated that.

But there are many other reasons as well. First, I’m so glad they discovered the hard drive problem right away, as that could have caused us a huge issue as you well know. Second, everyone that I’ve had the pleasure to work with on your team has been not only technically excellent, but also are a pleasure to work with. They are polite, professional, well versed in what they do, helpful, etc. Third, they have been able to fix things in 5 minutes or less that our former provider never could fix! And finally, the follow up is excellent as well.

Keep up the good work! Thanks again!”

Jo Barsa, CPA Barsa & Company, CPA's