Technical Operation Manager

Job Purpose

The purpose of the Technical Operations Manager is to oversee and manage the support board, client projects, and the engineering team. Supporting and coordinating the engineering team by providing assistance with scheduling, project management, and ticket follow-through.                                                                                                                           Tech Ops mgr

Duties and Responsibilities

Manage Support Board
  • Ensure lingering tickets are being closed in a timely manner
  • Work with Support Desk Supervisor for escalated tickets/client issues
  • Schedule appropriate engineers to assist with tickets
  • Review client responses and update tickets as needed
Supporting, coordinating, and assisting Engineering Team
  • Provide engineers with assistance of scheduling, providing other resources as needed, communicating with clients on behalf of engineers when needed.
Ticket Updates
  • Update tickets with details, status updates, and schedules as needed. Provide detail for others looking into tickets to know what each ticket is regarding


PSS Reporting (monthly maintenance on servers)
  • Scheduling engineers to perform PSS for all PSA and PSS clients monthly, and ensuring PSS Reports are completed and sent to clients.
Backup Checks
  • Scheduling and ensuring backup checks are completed on a weekly basis.
Project Management
  • Reviewing projects throughout project timelines to ensure that engineers are not over budgeted hours, all tasks are completed, and project closes within expected time.
  • Communicating with client regarding project steps, schedules, etc.
  • Scheduling engineers and resources to projects as needed.
New Client Setup
  • Ensuring that technical side of new client setup is completed: documentation, PSS schedule for PSA and PSS clients, etc.



  • Experience managing five or more engineers
  • Three or more years of managing engineers
  • Work or have worked in the SMB market
  • Work or have worked in the MSP market, or have direct experience with MSPs
  • Able to think on the fly, adapt and overcome, and good with conflict resolution
  • Able to hire good people and sense a good fit with our culture
  • Hand-on position: Experience with Windows servers, networking, firewalls, switches, VoIP, backup solutions, virtualization, cloud products, etc.
  • Able to be a technical resource to engineering staff as well as help out with general tickets occasionally.


Working Conditions

  • Most responsibilities and tasks are expected to be performed within the KTS Office. Working from a location other than the KTS Office or a Client is permitted on occasion.
  • Work may require travel to clients at different locations other than the KTS Office, but mostly within San Diego County.
  • Work may require business meetings at different locations other than the KTS Office.
  • Work could vary from 40 – 50 hours per week and may require hours outside the normal 8am-5pm business hours.
  • Weekend Support: minimum of 2 weekend days per month volunteered is required
  • After hour emergency support: minimum of 1 week per 2 months volunteered required
  • 45% client billable (utilization) expected.


Physical Requirements

The Technical Operations Manager may be required to work long days with short lunches, and few breaks depending on the work load. He/She is responsible for overseeing the engineering staff, and support board and to ensure that there are no issues with client’s support needs/tickets. this may require him/her to work long periods of time to see that tasks and/or projects are completed.

Direct Reports

Technical Operations Manager is responsible to supervise:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Sr. Systems Engineer
  • Support Desk Supervisor

To Apply for the Technical Operations Manager Position please email your resume to