casestudy_sunriseSunrise Management

Established in 1968, Sunrise Management is a privately owned firm headquartered in San Diego. They provide real estate management services to investment firms, financial institutions, and private property owners both locally and internationally. Sunrise Management has a flat, accessible management structure with their corporate headquarters directly supporting regional operations.


Sunrise Management depends on preferred vendors to support the properties they manage. They needed a trusted partner to perform IT support and property set-up for its various properties throughout the Southern California and Arizona areas in addition to supporting the corporate offices in San Diego. It was important for them to develop a standard procedure for adopting new properties and getting them connected to their central property management website. The ability to support properties remotely was also a high priority due to the broad geographic area involved.


KTS is proud to be part of their preferred vendor list and helps maintain many of their property’s IT needs. These services include providing hardware and software sales, onsite set up and configuration, and on-call customer support when needed. A standard computer set up and configuration has been established that allows for standardization, which saves time during set up and helps with support. Much of the property support needs can be handled remotely through KTS’s helpdesk utilizing remote desktop control capabilities, which allows immediate resolution of issues. Along with supporting Sunrise Management’s properties, KTS assists the corporate office with technology planning and support on a as-needed basis. Working with Sunrise Management has truly been a win-win business relationship.