Success Story of Our Proactive Server Support (PSS) Monitoring

Imagine it’s a quiet Saturday afternoon in the office. No week-day interruptions. You think to yourself, “This is going to be a very productive day.” Suddenly, you’re disconnected from the server, the Internet, the whole network!server overheat cartoon

You call your IT person on his cell phone.  Minutes into the call, your IT person asks you to hold as he has another call coming in. You wait patiently on hold for a minute and he clicks back over.  He informs you that the call was from Kazmarek Technology Solutions. They had received alerts that your network was down. And better yet, they will have an engineer right over to address the situation.

This true story happened a few weeks ago. The problem turned out to be a burnt out 24-port switch. We replaced the switch with a loaner switch from KTS and our client was back in business within 30 minutes.

KTS was able to respond quickly because the client subscribed to our Proactive Server Support, a proactive and preventative service we offer to keep your servers and networking equipment running optimally, as well as react quickly to issues with our 24/7 monitoring. 

Contact KTS today for more information on how you can keep your servers running smoothly with our Proactive Server Support.

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Don’t let this happen to your servers!