Preload Office 2013 on new computers for distribution to end users

This is a technique you can use to preload the Office 2013 installation media on a system, bypassing the need to download the installation files during activation.

You will require a qualified Microsoft Partner account in order to download the media from the following link:

  • Download the disk image appropriate for your language.
  • Extract the disk image using a utility like 7zip to a folder.
  • Copy the Office 2013 Single image source folder to local PC. (Folder contains installation data and batch files for prep)
  • Uninstall the already installed Office 2013 installer  from Programs and Features (if it already exists).
  • Run as administrator the script oemsetup.en-us inside the single image source folder, this preps the system to use the local source for Office 2013 instead of downloading.
  • Open the Microsoft Office app following script completion, and select Buy online.
  • Purchase the office software using a Microsoft account affiliated with the client or user.
  • Go through the purchase process until you have confirmed, and are presented with a product key. Make sure to document what key will be assigned to each user  if preparing multiple systems.
  • Copy the Product Key to your clipboard and go back to the Office installer and now select Activate.
  • Enter the Product Key you copied.
  • Select the Redeem Online button.
  • Sign in with the same Microsoft Account used to purchase the software.
  • Select the region and language.
  • Once the key has been associated with your account you will be taken to a web page that displays all keys tied to the account.
  • Minimize the browser window and go back to the Office installer.
  • Select Activate, on the enter product key screen select the option to “sign in with an active account instead”.
  • Sign in with the Microsoft account.
  • Once signed in, you should be presented with the ‘Choose your product window’.
  • The most recent purchase is a the bottom of this list,  select it and Continue.
  • Office Click-to-run will now complete the install using the local installation source instead of downloading the software. 

This is especially helpful when dealing with multiple systems at a site with poor download speed.