Newsletter – September 2006

The September 2006 edition of the KTS Newsletter!
Sep 1, 2006

Extend the Workplace with Windows Mobile Smartphones

treoHaving the newest cell phone with all the coolest gadgets isn’t just a trend for the teenagers on the block any longer. Some of the newest smartphones are designed with business in mind and can really get the job done.

Increases in the demand for mobile productivity has led to the quick evolution of Microsoft Windows Mobile based smartphones. These devices are available from almost every major cellular service provider and utilize their high-speed data networks to give you almost instant access to vital business information such as emails, your calendar, and contacts.

With Microsoft’s latest Direct-Push email technology, emails arrive on your device as soon as they arrive at your company’s email server. This near real-time delivery of messages and appointment updates keeps you on top of your day even when you’re away. From the palm of your hand you have the ability to read, reply, and forward messages with the same contact and calendar integration you have become used to in Outlook. You can even view Word, Excel, or PDF attachments right on your phone!

qlefttiltTraditionally, these smartphones were a little on the chunky side and couldn’t be easily slipped into the pocket in casual situations. The Motorola Q recently changed all of that with a sleek, thin Hbody that can go anywhere. With a thickness of less than half an inch and a weight of only 4.1oz., this smartphone should find its way into your shirt or jeans pocket in no time.

As always, Kazmarek Technology Solutions is at the forefront with this new technology. Having already managed smartphone implementations for several large clients, we have custom solutions to get you working from your new smartphone in no time. Give us a call today!

Source: Tracy Sales, KTS Engineer

Don’t Lose That Important Email!

mailbaggingWhat happens to your incoming email when your internal email server is down due to maintenance, office moves, system crashes, or Internet connection losses? Most likely it bounces back to the sender if you don’t have some type of system already in place to handle this downtime. The solution is mail bagging/queuing. KTS has solutions that can help provide your company with reliable alternatives to bounced emails. Whether it’s maintenance or system failures, we can help prevent your emails from bouncing back to their senders. This service is setup in such a way that our systems instantly detect the failure of your mail server and immediately begin collecting mail on its behalf. The emails are then held in a queue until your mail server comes back online, at which point, all bagged emails will be relayed to your mail server.

Not sure if this is in-place already? KTS will check for you free of charge.

Cost = $100 one-time set up fee, $200/annually.

What’s KTS Up To?

3comKTS recently installed and configured 3Com switches to connect multiple buildings for a local biotech company. Fiber runs were installed between buildings and connected to fiber modules on layer 3 switches, reducing broadcast storms and bottlenecks. KTS engineers utilized 3Com’s LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol, 802.3ad) to automatically configure multiple aggregated links between switches allowing additional inter-switch bandwidth and resiliency (4GB trunk).