Issue No. 40November 2015

New Feature in Microsoft Office – “History”

Microsoft Office 2016 includes a host of new features that take the work out of working together. Features like Real-Time Typing and Simplified Sharing of documents make it easier than ever to collaborate. Mistakes can happen, and the problem is compounded with multiple authors working on the same document. With Office 2016 Improved Version History you don’t have to be nervous about making a mistake and not being able to get back to where you were. The Office 2016 Improved Version History support for your SharePoint and OneDrive for Business documents makes it much easier to find and restore previous versions of your files.

nov 1To see the list of previous versions of your files, open up the History pane by selecting File > History. You can easily scroll to see who edited your file and how the file evolved over time.

Source: Microsoft

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Finishing Your IT Budget for 2016?

Did you know that KTS can help with future planning and budgeting when it comes to pricing out IT or Technology related items? Many of our clients have been calling the last few weeks to get input for their 2016 IT Budget. There may be aspects of your infrastructure or other IT needs that you have not considered for inclusion in your yearly budget.

Here are some of the IT budget topics that are commonly considered:

  •       Monthly Managed Services
  •       Office 365 – Best Plans
  •       Server Hardware Upgrade Options
  •       Server and Hardware Warranty Renewals
  •       Storage Options
  •       Anti-Virus renewals
  •       Virtualization
  •       Back-up Planning
  •       Desktop/Laptop Hardware Upgrade Options
  •       Software Upgrades and Renewals

Even if your fiscal year doesn’t end in December, it’s never a bad time to start planning for the next budgetary year. No matter what month your fiscal year starts, KTS can help with your IT budget for the upcoming year.

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