Newsletter – July 2008

The July 2008 Edition of the KTS e-newsletter!
Jul 1, 2008

New KTS Website Goes LIVE!

Kazmarek Technology Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our completely redesigned website!  We’ve compiled the latest information about our solutions, product offerings, and customer references to provide you with a site that offers a quick look at our company as well as a great way to stay abreast of the latest technology news.  This website is the culmination of eight months of work and we really feel like it represents our company well.  Please be sure to check out the following highlights of our new site:


  • Integrated Technology Blog – The Kazmarek Technology Blog has been around for almost a year.  Our blog offers expert tips, solutions, and tricks direct from the KTS engineers in the field.  The blog is a great place to find answers to your technical problems and with almost 200 hits per day, is becoming one of the web’s fastest growing blogs of its kind. 
  • Detailed KTS Credentials – Kazmarek Technology Solutions is very proud of its achievements throughout the years including our Microsoft Gold Partner status, membership in the International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners, and the various certifications of our field engineers.
  • Customer-Focused Case Studies –Here you can read about some of our solutions and how they helped actual customers in your area.  Be sure to take a quick look at the “Solution Snapshot” for each case-study to see just what products were used.  If we’ve provided a solution for your business and you’re interested in providing us with a case study, please let us know!
  • Improved News Section – We’ve improved the news section of our website to provide you with technical news that matters for your business.  In addition, you can find archived copies of previous newsletters in case you missed one.
  • Integrated Remote Assistance – If you need assistance immediately and can’t wait for a technician to arrive, we can help!  With our remote assistance tool (Powered by LogMeIn Rescue) we can take remote control of your PC and perform troubleshooting as if we were sitting right there with you.  Call us today if you need assistance and would like to try this new feature.

We think the results speak for themselves. As always, any feedback you may have is welcomed and appreciated.

Product Spotlight – Symantec System Recovery 8

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on backup hardware and software.  You’ve configured your backup software to diligently save your most valuable files to a backup tape nightly.  You even take the backup tapes off-site to a secure location.  You believe your data is protected and so is your business. But is it? There is a major consideration that many businesses fail to prepare for: the time required to recover from a disaster, should one occur.

In the case of a disaster where server hardware fails, rebuilding the system to its pre-failure state is a time-consuming and tedious process.  Typically, manual recovery of a server includes reinstalling the Windows Server operating system,  reconfiguring the system,  reinstalling backup software and finally (hoping for no unforeseen errors or corruption) recovering the data from tape media. Even after all of the above steps are completed, your server will still require additional work to bring it back to its pre-failure state.

Thanks to Symantec System Recovery 8, there is a simpler, quicker and more reliable way to recover a system that has suffered a catastrophic hardware failure. Symantec System Recovery 8 gives you the ability to restore a failed system in minutes, not days or hours.  You can even restore a lost system to dissimilar hardware, a virtual machine environment or to a remote location. The entire system is protected by System Recovery 8, including the Windows OS, applications, databases, files, drivers, user profiles and the registry.

By using System Recovery 8 in combination with a standard data backup plan, you can be confident that your systems are fully protected from disaster.  If a disaster strikes, be assured in the knowledge that downtime for your customers and employees will be at an absolute minimum.

Contact KTS today for more details and learn how you can minimize costly downtime.

What’s KTS Up To?

Kazmarek Technology Solutions is constantly maintaining its commitment to its customers by always staying current with the latest technologies. This year has brought us more new technologies than ever before.  Some of these new technologies include Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Microsoft Office 2007, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  The following two paragraphs quickly detail some of our latest experiences with these new technologies.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 – Providing huge advancements in performance, security, SPAM protection, and expandability.  KTS recently performed several Exchange 2007 migrations for some of its larger clients.  These migrations moved all user mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 to benefit from the improvements in the new version mentioned above.  In most cases, the migrations were completed in just over a day with only minimal downtime for users.  One of these clients now enjoys the flexibility and expandability of multiple information stores and no upper size limit for mailbox databases.  This has allowed their company to continue its rapid growth while no longer worrying that their email system may not be able to keep up.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – Providing best-of-breed customer relationship management with a familiar Microsoft Office interface.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM product gives you advanced features for maintaining relationships with your customers, all from right inside Outlook.  KTS recently performed several CRM 4.0 upgrades to take advantage of the product version’s latest features such as an Internet-facing architecture, better performance, on-the-fly reporting, and new customization options.  One upgraded client is now able to better track their unique project-based sales process through advanced customizations made to the CRM interface.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 solution has improved their sales efficiency beyond expectations resulting in better tracking and increased revenue.

Contact KTS today to find out how the latest technology solutions can benefit your business.