Issue No. 78January 2019

If You Have Office 365, You Own This
Employee Productivity Tool

Microsoft “MyAnalytics”, what is it?

MyAnalytics — which Microsoft officials are calling its “fitness tracker for work” — is a service that summarizes how users spend their time at work and then makes suggestions about ways to cut unproductive time. The service measures how much time users spend in Outlook, meetings, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams calls and chats and work documents saved in OneDrive and SharePoint.

MyAnalytics is a tool now included for everyone using Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Enterprise and Business suites, and that have Office 365 business hosted email (Exchange).

Previously, MyAnalytics was only available with an Enterprise E5 plan or as an add-on to E1 and E3 plans, now it is available to all.

Make data-driven decisions about your work

Use data to diagnose and address productivity challenges, both for yourself and for your team. Track and optimize how much time you spend in 1:1 meetings with direct reports, build better team norms around after-hours work, and use email analytics to write more effective emails.

See where your time goes

The MyAnalytics personal dashboard helps you understand how much time you spend in meetings and email. It also shows you how many uninterrupted hours you spend focusing on key tasks, which colleagues you spend the most time working with, and how much time you work outside business hours.

Privacy by design

MyAnalytics is designed to protect your privacy. Only you can view your personal data.

Source:  Microsoft

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