Newsletter – January 2007

The January 2007 edition of the KTS Newsletter!
Jan 1, 2007

Which Vista is Right For You?

Windows Vista will be released with more available editions than any other version of Windows previous. Windows Vista is all about the user experience and Microsoft wants that experience to be customizable to suit each and every user market. U.S. customers will have four editions to choose from, giving them the ability to purchase just what they need and less of the features that they don’t. In addition to these four core editions, enterprise users will have an enterprise edition available while developing nations will have an available Windows Vista Starter Edition. This brings the total number of editions to six.

So which version is right for you? Use our quick summaries below to help you decide. If you require further information, click on the links within the chart to be directed to Microsoft’s website.

Vista Edition

Targeted User Market


As the name suggests, this is the most basic of the Windows Vista editions. Home Basic lacks a majority of the media components of the other Vista editions and is intended only for new or basic PC users. If you are concerned about the compatibility of your existing PC hardware with some of the more advanced Vista features then you may want to start with this edition. More advanced editions of Windows Vista will revert to a Windows Home Basic compatibility mode to run on systems with inadequate hardware.


For the home power user, the Home Premium edition is ideal. This edition provides media and entertainment tools lacked by the Home Basic edition and also provides the Windows Aero desktop experience with glass like windows and Flip 3D navigation. If you have a notebook or tablet PC, this is the version to get started with.


This edition is all business. It includes the Aero desktop experience and the enhanced security that all Vista editions share but is purposely free of media and entertainment features. The business edition also adds business backup, networking, and remote desktop features.


If you want everything Vista has to offer then this is the way to go. Just as the name states, this is the Ultimate edition with everything included in all other editions and more.


If you’re still not sure which version is the best for you, don’t worry. Windows Vista also introduces the Windows Anytime Upgrade which allows you to upgrade your Vista edition at anytime by simply purchasing the required license online. The original disk can be used to install the additional options so you don’t even need a separate disk. You can quickly move to the next edition without leaving your chair or losing any programs or data.


 Product Spotlight:

Websense Internet Filtering and Security

Are you concerned about the productivity of your employees as they access the internet throughout the business day? Studies have found that some employees waste up to 3 hours a day with internet activity that is not work related. Not only can their unmonitored internet browsing waste time, it can also lead to viruses or intrusions that can sacrifice your most critical business data. To ensure that your company’s computer resources are being properly utilized and your data is not at risk, you need the global leader in web filtering; you need Websense.

KTS is a Websense partner and can deliver their web filtering and security applications to monitor and protect your internet access. KTS also offers affordable trial programs without commitment so you can experience the benefits that Websense solutions have to offer and see firsthand the productivity that can be regained in your organization. Call us today for more information and to schedule your Websense Pilot Program.


 What’s KTS Up To?

KTS recently mobilized a Poway-based construction company by providing them with technologies to allow their foremen to access the company network via their laptop from anywhere in the country. The solution allows the employees in the field to access email, files, maps, and more from their job site using their notebook PC and Sprint Mobile Broadband card. To access the office network, a VPN client is used which provides a secure, encrypted tunnel for the sensitive business data. They can work from the cab of their truck as if they were at their desk back in the office. This has dramatically increased their productivity and allows them to spend more time in the field getting the job done.

mobile_laptopKTS is constantly testing new mobile access solutions to provide our clients with the mobility they need to get the most out of their day. Contact KTS today for more information on how you can benefit from our custom mobile office solutions.