Newsletter – December 2006

The December 2006 edition of the KTS Newsletter!
Dec 1, 2006

Rogue Wireless Access Points:
An Unseen Threat to Your Network Security

locked_chainThanks to the growing popularity of wireless networking, a wireless broadband router can be found at most electronics stores for under $40. This is great news if you want to have wireless access for your notebook PC at home. If you are concerned about the security of your business network however, you may want to reconsider the threat that these low prices pose. As the popularity of wireless networking grows, so does your susceptibility to rogue wireless access points in your organization.

A rogue wireless access point can be installed by any one of your employees with good or bad intentions. The motive could simply be a desire to work on their own notebook PC in the break room during lunch, but the newly installed wireless AP will quickly become the weakest link in the security of your business network. Anyone nearby with a wireless notebook, rudimentary knowledge, and the desire will have the ability to access your network resources.

Many developers offer advanced network security software to monitor for and prevent the installation of wireless access points in your organization. There are also simple, proactive measures that can be taken to prevent this. First, it’s most important to make your employees aware of the dangers associated with such an installation. This can be done with written security policies distributed to all employees. Another simple action that can be taken is to use a handheld wireless network detector or a wireless-equipped notebook or desktop PC to monitor the area for new wireless networks.

KTS wants you to be aware of this increasingly common threat and have the basic knowledge to detect it. If you need further assistance with detection or prevention, please contact us.

Source: Tracy Sales, KTS Engineer



Product Spotlight: Acronis True Image

acronis_boxAcronis True Image is a suite of applications that allows you to image your desktop, notebook, or server for quick recovery after a disaster. Acronis is not a brand new product, and neither is the imaging technology behind it. Acronis True Image does however offer a variety of features that set it apart in the market.

Acronis True Image can be used as a stand-alone product or as a centrally managed backup and restore application. As a centrally managed application, Acronis True Image can be used to remotely backup and restore systems which is ideal in large corporate environments. Backups can be made to a variety of media including tapes, hard drives, removable media, DVDs, and even virtual machines. Restorations can be made to any hardware thanks to Acronis’ Universal Restore technology and you can even boot your PC from an image and use the system while it is being restored with Acronis Snap Restore.

For more information on this product or other backup solutions, please contact us. KTS will be happy to work with you to develop a backup solution to fit your needs.


What’s KTS Up To?

Do you have multiple locations that would like to share data and operate within one phone system? KTS recently coordinated a solution where all remote locations (five) would be tied to the corporate office over a secure, dependable MPLS network. The client’s current phone system was replaced with a Voice over IP solution (VoIP) that would allow all inbound calls to be taken at the corporate office and transferred internally or to a remote office. All calls from the corporate headquarters to remote offices and between each remote office are considered internal calls, can be made at no cost, and can be easily dialed with a simple four digit extension number. This solution will be scalable to 30 sites or more as the client grows and opens more locations.

In addition, KTS has facilitated the installation of security cameras at each remote location for security as well as employee management. The cameras at each remote office can be monitored from a central location at the coroporate headquarters using the same high speed data link mentioned above.

Let us meet with you today to discuss your Telco and Internet access needs. We can most likely save you money each month.



Entertainment Book Fundraiser

ent_bookAs many of you know, I belong to a local Rotary Club. We are selling 2007 Entertainment Books for $40 ($5 less than retail price). Get half-price meals at your favorite restaurants and two-for-one discounts to your favorite attractions and start saving! The Entertainment Book contains over 500 discounts on fine and casual dining, family fun, local attractions, travel, movie tickets, shopping, dry cleaning, the list goes on!! Help support your local communities as well as international efforts. Let me know how many books you would like and I can drop them by your office. They make great holiday gifts also! Thank you, Danny Kazmarek.