It’s tempting to leave the office when you live in San Diego! Kazmarek IT support allows you to leave the office without leaving your important business at your desk. KTS will help you make the mobility choices you need to efficiently do business on your own terms, giving you access to the productivity and communication tools of your office computer, wherever you are.

KTS IT services can help you choose a Wireless Broadband service provider, purchase the right smartphone, tablet, and configure your laptop to be wireless when you need it. The fact is, you can’t always choose when you will need to leave your office, but you can choose how disruptive it will be!
Take advantage of:

Android and Apple devices – Your smart phone or tablet can now be a robust mobile platform for your business, carrying versions of the Microsoft applications and many other SaaS applications you rely on in your daily work.

Remote access:
Let KTS IT services take the guessing game out of the picture and help you determine the best remote access IT solution for your organization. Our engineering staff is highly experienced in the full range of technologies from VPN to Microsoft Terminal Services, to select and implement the right remote access features for your business.

  • Microsoft Terminal Services
    KTS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, valuable expertise in your IT support team of choice. Microsoft’s Terminal Services allow end-users to remotely connect to your office server and their normal office resources, with only encrypted keyboard and mouse strokes transmitted over the network. Recent evolutions of Windows Server Terminal Services have vastly improved functionality to integrate applications, increase flexibility, and give Web browser access. For even the most sensitive businesses, our IT support services can set up the system that will allow your team to regularly use remote desktops and applications via HTTPS in a firewall-friendly manner.
  • VPN Implementations
    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been around for many years and are sometimes a great fit for business’s requiring remote access to applications, data, phone systems (VoIP), etc. With today’s increased broadband speeds and reduced high speed connection costs, VPN connections have become a more reliable option.


Wireless Broadband:
If you spend a lot of time working away from the office, you know how important it is to remain connected to your business network and the Internet. Wireless Broadband solutions provide exactly what you need: high-speed wireless internet and data network access over a wide area. Wireless broadband means you can access your email, calendar and other critical business data while on the move; essential elements of competitive advantage. Your KTS IT support team will help you go wireless with the right mobile wireless broadband, laptop card, connections, or cell phone towers you need.

Mobile device management:
Managing your mobile devices, tablets at an organizational level for security, centralized management, application deployment, application management, remote wipe/lock, single sign-on is critical for your devices data.

Portable convenience starts the moment you call your IT support team at Kazmarek Technology Solutions. We’ll work together to choose from the many mobility options available to you to select and engage the right ones to make your work easier and faster to do, so your business can see results.