Microsoft CRM 4.0 Items are not immediately deleted

After an upgrade from CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.0 I noticed that items no longer deleted immediately. It seemed as if they eventually deleted, but I couldnt tell you when. From what I’ve heard from Microsoft and others, the problem is a trigger that is supposed to be disabled or removed during the upgrade. The fix was this:

  1. In SQL Management Studio, expand the dbo.QueueItemBase table within your CRM database.
  2. Expand the Triggers folder.
  3. Right-Click the t_update_queueitembase trigger and disable it. (Select “disable” from the menu).

This may not address items that you have already deleted that are still pending deletion. To correct those, perform the following SQL command:

UPDATE dbo.QueueItemBase
SET DeletionStateCode = 2

You’ll have to find the GUID of the Queue you’re trying to delete from, but it’s pretty straightforward after that.