Full-Text Index Inconsistency When Upgrading to CRM 4.0

I received the following error in the environmental diagnostics wizard during an upgrade to CRM 4.0:

“The full-text indexes on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database are not consistent with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 full-text indexes.”

After some research, MS article 927226 pointed me to the log file from the installation found here:

C:Documents and SettingsuserApplication DataMicrosoftMscrmLogscrm40svrsetup.log

Looking for the error message towards the bottom of the log, I found where it referenced the table with the inconsistency.  this section of the log looked like this:

21:54:13|   Info| tableowner:                             dbo
21:54:13|   Info| tablename:                              documentindex
21:54:13|   Info| fulltextkeyindexname:          cndx_primarykey_documentindex
21:54:13|  Error| remark:                                  modified full-text index

Looking at the table in question, dbo.DocumentIndex, I was able to determine that it didn’t have any full-text indexes.  After some research, I discovered that it was in fact suppoed to…you can run the following commands to check this:

Command: sp_help_fulltext_tables
Expected Results:

dbo DocumentIndex cndx_PrimaryKey_DocumentIndex 1 1 ftcat_documentindex

Command: sp_help_fulltext_columns
Expected Results:

dbo 1205579333 DocumentIndex Title 9 NULL NULL 1033
dbo 1205579333 DocumentIndex KeyWords 11 NULL NULL 1033
dbo 1205579333 DocumentIndex SearchText 12 NULL NULL 1033

The fix then was to create a new full-text catalog for the table.  The steps I followed are:

  1. Right-click the dbo.DocumentIndex table and select “Full-Text Index”
  2. Select the defaults (click “Next”) until you get to the column selection.
  3. Select the following columns to include in the index:
    • KeyWords
    • SearchText
    • Title
  4. Select the defaults the rest of the way through and name the catalog ftcat_documentindex.

After creating the full-text catalog, full-text indexing will be enabled on that table.  This will cause another error in the CRM 4.0 setup, so right-click the table again and choose “Disable Full-Text Index” from the “Full-Text Index” menu.

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