Free on Site Analysis

 We offer a Free Onsite Analysis with one of or experienced Systems Engineers to help with question that you may have regarding your Company’s Network:

    • Are you experiencing slow network performance?

Our experienced engineering team can diagnose issues affecting performance with your network, servers, workstations, and Internet connection.

    • Do you know when your last back-up was completed?

Depending on your current software, we can check your backup solutions and give you information regarding your completed, failed, and exceptions list of backup logs. We will analyze this data output and make sure the appropriate back-ups for your company are real and working properly.

    • Are you worried about your network security?

By checking your password policies, firewall rules/settings, wireless secure access and encryption type we can advise you of the possible Network Security Solutions that best fit for your company.

    • Are your servers and computers being maintained correctly?

We can check the warranty status of your computer hardware, check for appropriate updates that may be missing, and check your disk space to make sure you get the most out of your network.

Contact us today for your Free Onsite Analysis: