Contacts aren’t available in the CRM Address book for Outlook

In Microsoft CRM 4.0, many of the entities arent immediately available in the Outlook address books.  An example of this is Contacts and Leads.  To synchromize the CRM Address book in the Outlook client with the contacts and leads, you need to change some of the CRM options in the Outlook client.  To do this:

  1. In outlook, with the CRM 4.0 client installed, select the CRM menu from the Outlook menu bar and select “Options”
  2. On the “Address Book” tab select the following options
    • Match all contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Match all items in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  3. Click OK to set your personal options
  4. Select “Synchronize with CRM” from the CRM menu on the Outlook menu bar to manuall sync the address books and test by trying to add a CRM contact as an email recipient.