Backup Exec 12 – Connection with server failed

With a couple of clean installs of Backup Exec 12D/12.5, sometimes the selection list in Backup Exec shows no local or remote selections to choose from. One thing to check is the Remote Operators group which is a default group in SBS 2003, the Administrator account or whichever account you use for Backup Exec should not be in this group. Secondly, Backup Exec needs a group policy setting for the credentials that Backup Exec uses: add the Backup Exec user to the setting “Log on as a batch job” in the Default Domain Controllers Policy/Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assignment/ Once you’ve added the Backup Exec user, go to Start –> Run –> and type “gpupdate /force” This will update Active Directory. Close and re-open Backup Exec, the selections should now be available.


Granular Restore Option in Backup Exec 12 with Exchange 2007

With the newer versions of Backup Exec and Exchange 2007, Granular Recovery Technology (GRT), a requirement of the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects needs to be downloaded and installed on the Exchange/Media server. Microsoft has updated the Mapi and CDO to 1.2.1 to include Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. 64bit servers have no problem installing.

Link to download.

Backup Exec fails jobs on corrupt file(s)

Backup Exec by default will report a failed backup if corrupt files are encountered. Backup Exec also sees open files ie. QuickBooks databases that are open when the backup is running as a corrupt file. If you want to disable this in Backup Exec, go to regedit and modify the following registry entry from 1 to 0: Fail Jobs on Corrupt Files


Backup Exec isn’t flushing Exchange Transaction Logs

I recently came across a client’s backup that was completing successfully daily but not flushing the transaction logs for Exchange as it should.  In the job properties of Backup Exec, the Exchange section declares that it will perform a full backup and flush the comitted logs but it simply never happens.

After some research, Veritas article 280659 had the answer…and it was a simple one.  In the job properties, review the options under Advanced Open File and make sure the option “Process Logical Volumes for backup one at a time” is not checked.   As its explained in the article, if this is unchecked, Backup Exec will use a different open file option (VSS) for the Exchange logs to allow it to flush them afterwards. 

Manual Uninstaller for Symantec/Norton products


Don’t Fail Backup Job on Corrupt Mail Message

Symantec article reference:

Reg key to change is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREVERITASBackup ExecEngineBackupFail Jobs on Corrupt Files
Change value to 0.